this i believe

meI believe in the greater the struggle the greater the more glorious the triumph. I believe this because when i was born my mom still lived with her parents and her father smoked all the time. I don’t believe that my mom knew at the time that smoking could give you asthma or bronchitis either did i at the time because i was young and illiterate. At the age of three me and my mom and her fiance moved from Cleveland to Barberton ohio. At that time i was playing multiple sports like basketball, football, and baseball. By that time most symptoms that would show from side stream smoke affecting me were gone. Around about the  time i was 10 during the near beginning of school year i stopped playing sports and started to work with my mom’s dad who still smoked so the smoke i inhaled caused me to get bronchitis without anyone knowing. I went to school and it was October around the time i started working with my mothers father who still smokes. I heard that the cold air affects both asthma and bronchitis after the fact i had gotten bronchitis with no one’s knowledge. During one school morning i was talking to my cousin and i flew into shock that i could not breath my cousin did not know what was happening either all i knew was that i could not breath. In shock that i could not breath i tried to tell her i couldn’t breath because i didn’t know where any adults were and i thought she might know. You might know that when you cant breath you have trouble talking as well. After about what i thought at the time was 5 minutes but truly was probably 1 or 2 minutes i started to breath again. after that i went in the school and told the secretary what had happen she didn’t know what i was talking about and thought i was lying to her. i told my mom as soon as i got home and she said if it happens again she would take me to the doctors to see what was wrong with me. After a few months had passed i had another asthma attack in the car while my mom was in there she pulled over to the curb and asked if i was alright. I told her that i wasn’t able to breath. she said she was going to setup an appointment with the doctor to see why i couldn’t breath. i went to the appointment and they had me do multiple tasks then they made me answer multiple question. one of the question was does any of your family members smoke i put no because i forgot my grandfather was a smoker. They gave me a flovent to take and albuterol. As i got older i wasn’t sure if i had grew out of having to use the flovent and albuterol so i stop taking it. i wanted to go back to playing sports and i realized i had a harder time breathing. So i started to do many running sports to get my breathing under control so i was able to breath correctly without the flovent or albuterol. This was and is still somewhat my greatest struggle though my life.

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